Faculty of medical prevention

Dean of Medical Preventing Faculty:
Hamrakulov Tulkin Zakirovich
Phone: +99891 159-07-68


Deputy Dean
for Educational work:
Boltaboev Ulugbek Abdusalomovich
Phone: +99891 659-23-60
Deputy Dean
In terms of youth:
Komilov Nodirbek Bokijonovich
Phone: +99891 115-11-49


History of the faculty and General information about the faculty

The faculty was founded in 1992 under the joint orders of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Medical Faculty under the Ferghana State University. opened. Opening the Fekultet as a medical center and training on the basis of two ministerial orders has begun. 105 students were enrolled in the first year and 46 students were enrolled in the second year at the second Tashkent State University in Andijan, Fergana and Namangan regions. The medical faculty began its activity as a medical center on September 1, 1992. In the decree of K.M. Mirzaev scientific team was formed and scientific potential increased. In 1998, Dr. Nishonov was appointed Dean of the Medical Center Yusufjon Nishonovich. After that, the Medical Center was called “Faculty of Medical Preventive Medicine”, which was appointed Dean Mamratkulov Bakhrom Mamatkulovich and Bahtiyor Soliev Deputy Dean. At that time 230 students could be charged at the faculty. Faculty work is based on the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan of December 3, 2011 № 487 “The faculty of higher education institution”. During the last years, the dean of the faculty was Abdurakhmanov Muhammadjon Abdurakhmanovich, Rayimov Gayrat Nabiyevich, Karabayev Muhammadjon, Rasulov Fozil Hasanovich, Botirov Murodjon Turgunbaevich, Sultonov Gafurjon Ne’matbekovich, Normatova Shakhnoza Anvarovna. Starting from 2007-2008 academic year students were admitted to the direction of “Higher Nursing” and in the 2013-2014 academic year students in the direction of “Professional education: medical pedagogical work”. Over the past period, the Faculty has 1149 students in the field of “Medical Preventive Medicine”, 290 students studying in “Higher Nursing Care” direction, studying in all regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Currently, there are 503 students in the faculty, of whom 109 (21.6%) are on the basis of state grants and 394 (78.4%) are studying on a fee-paying basis. Nowadays, the faculty is trained in three directions. Duration of training in “Medical Preventive Medicine” is 5 years, teaching is in Uzbek and Russian languages. Upon termination of the course “Medical Preventive Work”, graduates can be awarded a Bachelor’s degree in “General Hygienist-Epidemiologist” qualification and may then pursue the following activities: Organizational Management; Medical-social; Medical prophylaxis; Scientific research; After retraining, pedagogical staff can study special subjects in secondary special and professional educational institutions. Medical-prophylactic work after bachelor’s degree in the direction of education: Hygiene (by directions) specialties of competitive selection; Health Management (Public Health and Public Health Management); Instrumental and functional diagnostics methods (by directions); Morphology (by directions); Pharmacology can continue to continue for a minimum of two years at the Master’s degree programs. The term of the “Higher Nursing Care” course is 3 years, teaching is conducted in Uzbek and Russian, and after graduation graduates are trained in “Bachelor of Higher Education Nursing”. The term of training in the field of “Professional education: medical pedagogical work” is 6 years, teaching is carried out in Uzbek and Russian, and after graduation the graduates are awarded with a Bachelor’s degree in “General Practice Physician and Pedagogue” level.

The faculty of “Medical-preventive work” includes 9 departments:

  1. Social and humanitarian sciences;
  2. Department of medical fundamental sciences and information technology;
  3. Department of Hygiene and Public Health;
  4. The department of public and labor hygiene;
  5. Clinical Allergology, Immunology and Forensic Medicine Department;
  6. 1 st Chair of Internal diseases;
  7. 2 nd Chair for internal medicine and nursing care
  8. 1 st Department of Surgery
  9. 2 nd  Department of Surgery


Information about the staff of the faculties of the faculty

Departments of the faculty The number of professor-teachers Professors-teachers at the scientific level
1 Social-humanitarian disciplines 11 2
2 Medical fundamental sciences and information technology 16 8
3 Hygiene and Public Health 10 3
4 Utility and labor hygiene 12 2
5 Clinical allergology, immunology and forensic medicine 12 3
6 1 st Internal diseases 16 4
7 2 nd internal medicine and nursing care 15 3
8 1 st Department of Surgery 17 8
9 2 nd  Department of Surgery 13 4
Total for faculty: 122 37