The pandemic is a step for the development of Medicine in Uzbekistan.

The pandemic is a step for the development of Medicine in Uzbekistan.

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Currently, the covid-19 virus is being fought by people all over the World. How does this virus have a negative and positive impact on the world economy and on science? Including from Uzbekistan?

From history, we know in which country epidemics and pandemics are raging, after which new experiences and skills in the field of medicine appear. The COVID-19 virus pandemic, which is currently equated to the 2nd world war in terms of looting, leads to several developed countries on earth being in a state of crisis. In order to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic, Uzbekistan is also developing a number of programs aimed at the most accident-free way out of the pandemic.

The President of our country has adopted a number of laws and regulations for representatives of the medical sphere. In particular, he issued a number of orders on the construction of a number of joint clinics in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and the regions, radical reform of rural medical centers and emergency medical services, providing the population with high-quality medicines. This is based on the improvement of qualified medical services to the population, increasing the consent of the people with doctors.

Several hospitals are being built in our country because of the pandemic. In particular, hospitals in Chilanzar, Zangiata, and Yukarichirchik districts of Tashkent can be cited as an example. Of course, it is good that these hospitals have been built, but the introduction of such clinics in low-lying areas, which make up the main part of the population of Uzbekistan, is aimed at creating branches of research institutes. The draft law of the President of our country “on improving the training of personnel with higher education in the field of public health services and sanitary and epidemiological welfare” has been published. In accordance with this bill, a draft law was introduced on the basis of the Ferghana branch of the Tashkent medical Academy “on the establishment of the Ferghana Institute of public health and prafilactic medicine“, the establishment of the Ferghana hospital of infectious diseases” clinics of the Ferghana Institute of public health and prafilaktnoy medicine”. This is the first step towards improving the epidemiological conditions at the national level, clinics that need to be created, must have a medical institution,who are undergoing practical skills and serve for the inhabitants of the valley.

After all, I think that the result of these works will be an impetus for the medicine of Uzbekistan to rise to high heights.

Student of Fergana branch of the Tashkent Medical Academy: Bahadir Akhmatov