In Uzbekistan from the new academic year for admission to the University will be passed exams in 5 subjects

In Uzbekistan from the new academic year for admission to the University will be passed exams in 5 subjects

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In accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated may 14 this year “On additional measures to improve the system of admission to higher education institutions through test tests”, the complex of subjects for which the test will be passed will be divided into two sections, the first section includes three mandatory subjects-Native language (Uzbek, Russian, Karakalpak), mathematics and history of Uzbekistan, the second section-two subjects corresponding to the chosen direction of the undergraduate course.

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In this regard, starting from the 2020/2021 academic year, this project will be implemented.

For test tasks in the Department of compulsory subjects, the delivery of 2.1 points (total 94.5) is provided, for test tasks in the Department of subjects corresponding to the direction of education-3.1 points (total 186). At the same time, the total score that an applicant can score is 280.5.

According to the State testing center, the experience of foreign countries was studied when making such a change in the testing system. The focus is on getting aspects that are consistent with the national education system and can contribute to the development of education as much as possible. In the past 2017-2019 academic year, the staff of the STC visited several countries, such as Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, studied the system of admission to their universities, analyzed.

In the experience of some foreign countries, you can witness the introduction of the native language and mathematics in the entrance exams. Or in a number of other countries, such as Turkey, it is established to pass the exam on the History of the state.

When in recent years among the applicants were preparing for the target entrance exams, then, unfortunately, there was an opinion that only two, or even only the first block, having well mastered the subject, you can become a student. But how the introduction of this innovation will have an effect can be determined on the basis of its results, passing the test.

The main goal is for young people to study the subjects taught in secondary schools equally. Boys and girls must fully study the curriculum established in the secondary school, become fully developed and graduate from school. With this in mind, the Department of compulsory disciplines was added to the entrance exams for graduates.

In accordance with the test curriculum in three additional subjects, much easier, focused on the assessment of General literacy, logical thinking and basic knowledge of the applicant, it will be at the first level of complexity.

According to the data, although one fan is repeated in blocks, their level of difficulty differs from each other. If the math questions in the required block are at the first level of complexity, the tests in the linear block will consist of questions of the second and third level of complexity.

In the next 2020/2021 academic year, a state test center is being prepared and will be put into practice. The number of testers working in the same direction has increased, and tasks are being tested.