Department of the youth union

Leader youth union of Uzbekistan in the Fergana branch of the TMA:
Akramov Jaloliddin Nuritdinovich
Tel .: +99899 999-72-71


Forming a physically healthy, spiritually mature and intellectually developed, independent thinking young generation in the Fergana branch of the Tashkent Medical Academy of Uzbekistan, protecting young people from the harmful effects of external threats and “mass culture”; is a nongovernmental noncommercial organization that unites young people of Uzbekistan, created in the form of organizational-legal form of alliance of individuals with the purpose of all-round assistance and creation of conditions for the protection of legitimate interests.

The main purpose of the Union is to further deepen the democratic, political and economic reforms in the country, to strengthen peace and harmony in the society, to attract Uzbekistan to the world of developed countries, and to ensure effective protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the younger generation, raising the spiritual and professional level of young people, promoting their intellectual and creative potential.

The main objectives of the Alliance are:

– formation of young people capable to become a decisive force and base in the process of refining, renovating the country, occupying a worthy place in the life of the society, having their own way of life and solid beliefs, their political culture, legal literacy and legal awareness;

– upbringing youth in the spirit of moral and military patriotism, in particular the formation of historical memory, national pride and self-esteem, involvement in the ongoing events, and respect for national and universal values;

– protection of the rights and legitimate interests of youth, support their aspiration to occupy a modern profession, engage in entrepreneurial activity;

– Supporting talented youth, creating conditions for their creative and intellectual potential and engaging them in scientific activities;

– Formation of a healthy lifestyle among young people, especially young unmarried youth, ecological culture, their active involvement in regular physical training and sports;

– protecting young people, especially unmarried young people from religious extremist and other destructive organizations, from the negative effects and threats from outside the “mass culture”, prevention and suppression of offenses among youth, reflection and so on.

Joint and natural persons may be members of the Commonwealth as stipulated by the Charter. It means that citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, who have expressed their desire to support the Union’s goal, who have reached the age of 14 and who are over 30 years of age and who are not stateless persons regularly residing in the Republic of Uzbekistan, may be members of the Alliance .
Non-governmental non-profit organizations and youth-related youth organizations, institutions and organizations and constituent documents may also be members of the Union, not contrary to the Charter’s goals, objectives and program documents.