Finance and economics department

The head of financial-planning department:
Yuldasheva Ra’no Valiyevna
Phone: +998 (93) 480-62-98

1 – degree economist:
Yuldasheva Dilrabo Ilhomjonovna
Phone: +99890 583-28-57

About the activities of the department
Department of Finance and Economics is the structural subdivision of the Ferghana branch of the Tashkent Medical Academy. Developing current and perpective plans for the division’s responsibilities, developing the costs of maintaining and maintaining branches’ offices, developing different expenditures (state budget, contractual payment, research and other activities, identification and implementation of the branch’s financial need.
The Department of Finance and Economics draws up and approves the budget for the budget, payment-contract, special funds, development fund, and grand fund. Establish a list of required needs for the current year in each direction and estimate the costs of departments and departments from the budget and non-budgetary resources. The department also carries out analysis of financial and economic activity Ferghana branch of the TMA and implementation of prospective projects.

The main tasks of the department:
Establishment and control of the state schedule;
Development and control of project cost estimates;
Complex economic analysis of all types of activities of Fergana branch of the Tashkent Medical Academy;
The Tashkent Medical Academy conducts statistical calculations on all economic indicators of the Ferghana branch and prepares current reports in due time;
Establishment of a tariff list for professors, instructors, administrative and business support staff for a new academic year and salary increase and scholarship;
Correcting the staffing schedule taking into account the change in the standard base;
Accounting for financial value.
Establishment of cost estimates for budget and non-budgetary funds;
Correction of cost estimates on the basis of approved by the Ministry of Finance and Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
Analyzing the use of estimate funds based on the data of the account;
Establishment of monthly salaries of professors, teachers, administrative and economic assistants;
Monthly testing of signatures from departments and departments of the Ferghana branch of the TMA, based on the approved staffing schedule.