Marketing department

Head of marketing department:
Ahmadaliyeva Gulnora Xamraqulovna
Tel .: 

Мирхалилов М.

The Marketing Department is a Payroll Contractor and Accountant:
Mirxalilov Mirqobil Mirmuxsinjonovich
Tel .: +99891 658-01-00

About the section
Marketing department is an independent structural unit of the Ferghana branch of the Tashkent Medical Academy and is directly subordinated to the director.
Mission of the marketing department is the brand of the Ferghana branch of the Tashkent Medical Academy and the promotion of educational programs.
1. Formation of contractual relations in the field of healthcare and related industries for training of specialists on targeted contractual basis.
2. Ensuring that the Tashkent Medical Academy participates in the republican and international exhibitions of Ferghana branch to disseminate information on educational opportunities and alumni in the Bachelor’s Degree and Clinical Residency specialties of Ferghana branch.
3. Formation of the job portfolio of healthcare and related industries, distribution of graduates of Fergana branch of the TMA, monitoring their employment.
4. Calculate the proceeds from contract payments for students studying on a contractual basis;
5. Preparation and distribution of contracts for students studying on the Contract;
6. Accounting of off-budget funds and accounting;