Accounting department

Азамжонов А. уволен

Chief accountant:
A’zamjonov Ahrorjon Ikromjonovich
Tel .: +99890 581-74-40


Deputy chief accountant:
Sulaymonova Dilrabo Djoraboyevna
Tel .:
Toshtemirova Nargiza Bakhtiyorovna
Tel .: +99890 303-94-98
The cashier:
Ibragimov Oybek
Tel .: +99891 666-22-00


About accounting activity of Fergana branch of Tashkent Medical Academy

Branch accounting performs the following functions:
Accountancy organizes and maintains a university accounting account for the full and reliable information on the financial and economic activity and financial position of interested external and internal users;
Having an opportunity to obtain timely information for the evaluation, analysis, design and control of the financial position and results of the branch activity, taking into account the economic conditions, the structure of the university, the level of relevance and other opportunities, forms an accounting policy in accordance with the normative documents.
Prepares and approves forms of accounting internal accounting, forms of primary accounts used for formal business transactions, statistical and analytical calculations;
Provides for inventory and property valuation procedures, documents on availability, status and valuation of property;
Organizes a system of internal control over the accuracy of registration of economic transactions in accordance with the procedure for circulating the document;
Forms an information system of accounting and reporting that meets the requirements of accounting, tax, statistical and management accounting, providing accounting information for external and internal users;
Carries out work on keeping accounting registers using modern information technologies, progressive forms and methods of accounting and control;
Carrying out financial results of the University activity, accounting, credit and credit operations, financial resources, inventory, fixed assets, liabilities and property;
Accounting provides:
Accurate and timely reflecting on economic transactions, vehicle movements, revenue and expense and fulfillment of obligations in accounting records;
Taxes and fees are paid to the republican, regional and local budgets, insurance premiums to state off-budget social funds, credit institutions, funds financiers, timely repayment of borrowings on loans, delivery;
Control over the organization’s wage fund and staff payout, inventory count, accounting and reporting procedures and legal audits;
Participation in the internal audit of the organization in the field of financial analysis and taxation policy based on accounting and reporting data;
Elaboration of proposals aimed at improving the financial performance of the branch, eliminating financial losses and non-production costs;

Ensure compliance with financial and treasury rules, and ensure that the legality of excluding deficiencies, receivables and other losses from accounting records.
– accounting department organizes accounting services by the chief accountant under the direction of director of the branch.
– Accountancy of the head accountant organization is independent division and is prohibited to include in any other division of the organization.
– The chief accountant of the organization is directly accountable to the director of the branch office or chief accountant of the organization, and is responsible for conducting accounting in the organization, timely and full submission of financial statements, and other normative-legal tasks.
– The chief accountant defines the service duties for accounting personnel individually for each employee.
The main tasks of the Chief Accountant:
– timely and accurate accounting of accounting documents and control over the legitimacy of operations;
– The proper use of budgetary funds, as well as extra-budgetary funds, for the specific targets set forth in the cost estimates, as well as regular monitoring of monetary and material integrity;
– timely calculation of the wages and equivalent payments of employees in the organization, as well as stipends of students in accordance with the established procedure;
– participation in the inventory of funds, calculations and material values, as well as other assets, timely and accurate registration of inventory results and their accounting;
– Preparation and submission of financial reports in the established terms;
– Correct use of the labor remuneration scheme, proper remuneration of labor, strict adherence to state, financial and cash discipline.