Information resource center

Имомов Фарходжон Тошқўзиевич

Director of the information resource center:
Imomov Farhadjon Tashkuzievich
Tel .: +99890 232-16-53

Безымянный  Нишонова М.
Librarian of electronic
information resources:
Oripov Faziljon
Tel .: +99890 561-62-31
Serving information library
resources librarian
of the department:
Davronova Porahatxon Abdusattorovna
Serving information library
resources librarian
of the department:
Nishonova Mamura
Completing information
library resources,
cataloging and systemization
department librarian:
Shokirova Nigorahon
The librarian of the department
of scientific methodical
and information information:
Usmanova Hayithan
Foreign sources
with library resources
working desk librarian:
Ismoilova Shahzodakhon Ahmadjonovna


The main directions of information resource center:

  • Providing education to all categories of readers in accordance with their educational, scientific and practical activities;
  • Formation of IRC fund for support of educational and scientific processes, supply of information resources, formation of docu- mentary fund of electronic mass media;
  • Formation of the Fund, filling with artistic, spiritual and enlightenment literature, including transfer of fiction literature to electronic form;
  • Digitization and transfer of IRS fund to electronic format;
  • EK formation according to ARMAT program;
  • Carrying out cultural and enlightenment activities, enhancing the readiness of all categories of readers;
  • To improve the methods of studying with students, to involve young people in artistic literature, to promote the life and activity of the scientists of the Ferghana branch of the TМA, the most important political ideas in the life of the Republic and the Academy, lighting;
  • Participation in creating a single electronic catalog and electronic database of the Ministry of Higher Education on ARMAT;
  • Medline, EBSCOhost, Thomson Reuters, Oxford University Press and others. Providing reference and bibliographic information services for users of electronic databases;
  • Participation in the national and international scientific conferences, studying the fundamentals of English language, medical terminology and others.

Working with Search, Order and Documentation:

  • The use of IRCs is through the service system. These are: 2 subscribers and 2 reading rooms.
  • It is used on the Internet virtual library service boundary.
  • The literature search and order are based on the usual catalogs and the electronic catalog based on the ARMAT program. All rights reserved for electronic catalog.
  • Users of IRS have the following services.
  • Search the alphabet catalog
  • Search the systematic directory
  • Looking for Medical Illustrative Sections (MeSH)
  • Search the electronic catalog
  • Order an existing electronic copy of the document
  • Order non-electronic document
  • The user defines the time required to pre-order the required documents.