To increase the sensitivity of our work in spiritual, ethical, ideological sphere, to develop students’ love for their country, people, family, national traditions and traditions, college, professions, healthy life is a sacred duty of the branch managers and teachers.

All students studying at a branch must adhere to the following:

  1. Compliance with the rights and obligations set forth in the Charter of the Branch.
  2. Strictly adhere to the internal procedures set out in the Affiliate and the “Student Residence”.
  3. Active participation in all activities involving students, faculties, districts, cities and republican students.
  4. Faculties and “Student Housing”.
  5. Do not smoke in any office premises.
  6. Do not harm the auditorium, equipment, books, equipment, and freedom from laboratories.
  7. Regularly participate in the courses, timely master the subjects in the curriculum. Submitting of the rating tests, course works and projects in established terms.
  8. Do not be late in lessons, do not miss classes without cause.
  9. Timely implementation of contract payments.
  10. Systematic use of common areas.
  11. Active participation in the “Youth Union” IT activity.
  12. Branch State Dressing up in classroom lessons, in accordance with the highest academic standards, in the style of wear and tear (in sportswear, shorts, hijabs and semi-naked walks).
  13. Do not drink alcoholic beverages, play gambling or risk games at all, and do not make noise at all the premises of the branch. Rank Avoiding theft.
  14. Keeping rooms cleaned.
  15. Mutual respect and good treatment.
  16. Carrying out student identification document.
  17. Participate in the activities of existing clubs, workshops, clubs and sports sections.
  18. Stand up when the branch managers enter the audience.
  19. Studying and conducting scientific researches.
  20. Studying creative thinking and research, perfecting foreign languages ​​and computer techniques.
  21. Fully follow the rules of “admiration”.

The following disciplinary measures are taken against the students who do not meet the requirements of this Provision:

  1. Caution;
  2. Hellfire;
  3. Disabling students.

Students who have a high standard of behavior and reading, who are actively involved in community affairs, are materially and spiritually encouraged.

This Statute was discussed at the meeting of all faculties, at the branch of the Spirituality and Enlightenment Council, at the meeting of the Association of Trade Unions, the Youth Initiatives Association, Women’s and Coaches Council.


  1. Each student should be exemplary in his exemplary behavior, morals, and become an example to others.
  2. All good human qualities – goodwill, humility, honesty, purity, honesty, punctuality, healthy thought and justice should become the priceless wealth of a student era.
  3. It is important for students to have a regular acquaintance with the national lifestyle, the way of life, education, culture, state and public figures, and exemplary lifestyles of our great teachers.
  4. Respect for adults, greetings and greetings to women and children should follow the following rules:

a) to see them before they meet older people and not to touch the girl before greeting the ladies;

b) reverence to the greetings of those of you who are younger, and not to be haughty when greeting them;

  1. Let your classmate know if any of your friends escape or suffer a headache, and give them financial and spiritual help.
  2. Try to justify the trust of faculty members and staff, classmates, friends, and keep them in the spotlight.


a) Within the Fergana branch of Tashkent Medical Academy:
– entrance to the territory with a student ID;
– pollution of the territory and disposal of waste only on the ground;
– Greetings with teachers;
– Do not walk in the territory unnecessarily during the training;
– Careful attitude to the property of the branch (movable and immovable property, flora and fauna, etc.);
– adhere to dressing and communication skills;
– Do not skip any promotions without the consent of managers;
– Keeping the peace of mind;
– fight against the distribution and distribution of drugs and psychotropic substances, alcohol and tobacco products. In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, it is the responsibility of the non-timely reporting of the above cases to the relevant organizations.
b) in the audience:
– disconnection of mobile communication means;
– not to speak during class;
– cultural attitudes, lack of access to parties;
– Do not leave paper and other unnecessary items;
– non-eating, chewing gum.
c) in places of public catering:
– observe the order of food receipt;
– respect for teachers, women, and elderly people in traffic situations;
– noise during meal;
– observe the rules established in the general public catering section.
g) In the Information Resource Center (ARM):
– Be polite to IRC staff;
– careful attitude to books and equipment;
– not to speak louder and not to interfere with others;
– not to leave paper, chewing gum and other waste;
– Compliance with handbooks and handbooks.
d) Student Housing (TTJ):
– Preservation and damage to existing equipment;
– economical use of electricity, gas and water resources;
– adhere to the rules of use of sanitary and hygienic rooms;
– strict adherence to the “Charter” and “Internal Regulations” of the student residence.
e) in sports complexes:
– Introduction to sportswear and footwear;
– Cultural attitude towards sports inventory;
– Transfer of sport inventory to the specified places after training;
– Compliance with the established rules of the sports complex.
j) at places of culture palace and other public events:
– cultural attitude to seat and other equipment;
– not to whistle during public events, to shout and not to leave without prejudice before the event ends;
– not to fall asleep, to sit on the seats, not to talk to each other, not to interfere with the surrounding people.
– aspiration to create a positive impression about Fergana branch of the Tashkent Medical Academy with its exemplary behavior and knowledge in various circles;
– deep understanding of noble qualities, such as striving for perfection, living honestly and justly;
– to care for the interests of the affiliate, its honor and glory, its reputation and influence, and to respect and reverence it.


– To be rude to professor-teachers, to talk unfounded during classes;
– discuss the value of others with the professor;
– taking any actions related to misleading, obscene or distortion of professor-teachers;
– disrespect towards employees and their comrades;
– receiving foreign assistance while providing assistance to other people in the execution of other procedures related to the protection of written matters and rating controls;
– hand over assignments or written works from other persons;
– delay or delayed training;
– leaving the audience without the permission of professor-teacher during the classes;
– deliberate harm to another student’s efforts;
– It is strictly forbidden to look modestly in various ways.


  • Strict adherence to the Branch Regulations and Internal Regulations;
  • Do not drop the name of the branch student;
  • To support domestic and foreign policy in our country, to be fully understood and patriotic;
  • Systematically and thoroughly occupy the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the chosen specialty;
  • To increase their spiritual and educational, scientific and cultural level;
  • Participate in training sessions and perform all the tasks provided in the curriculum and program in due time;
  • Active participation in social work;
  • Mutual understanding with students and professors and teachers;
  • Participate in all sessions and perform all types of tasks provided in the curriculum in due time;
  • Careful attitude to property in the office building and “Student Residence”;
  • Participation in organizational, mass-political and educational work, promotion of scientific and political knowledge, as well as participation in community events.
  • Providing the dean of the faculty with a valid reason for leaving the lesson without leaving the lesson tomorrow (immediately or directly through the group leader);
  • Respect for the culture of dress, respect for national morals and customs;
  • To demonstrate the spirit of loyalty to the Motherland by constantly increasing its scientific, political, ideological and spiritual thought;
  • Acquaintance with the management of the faculty with participation in foreign grants and approval of the branch management prior to departure abroad;
  • Respectful attitude to faculty members and other employees of the branch;
  • Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan, July 7, 2005 No. 58, No. 154-1, 19 and 02/2658 to develop a branch of bachelors and masters studying on the basis of government grants in all educational directions in educational institutions, enterprises and organizations for three years in accordance with the Regulations on Targeted Training;
  • Compliance with sanitary rules in common use at faculties;
  • Do not use cellular communication during the course;
  • Do not damage the property of a branch (party, table, chairs, doors and walls, teaching equipment, etc.);
  • Do not move equipment and other equipment out of the building without the permission of the branch office;
  • In the student dormitories, trainees should exercise their rights and obligations on the basis of the “Normative Documents on the Activities of Student Housing in Higher Education Institutions”.

According to Articles 183, 184-1, 184-2, 184-3, 187, 189, 190, 191, 192 of the Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Administrative Responsibility it is forbidden to:

  • Smoking and drinking alcohol and drug abuse at all the premises and exterior of the branch territory and students’ homes;
  • In the territory of the branch office, including the rooms in which the classes are taught, in other dresses (in dresses) or in attire;
  • Small hooliganism, that is, harassment by everywhere in the affiliate, abusive behavior of employees, students and other citizens, and other similar actions that violate public order and security of the citizens;
  • Unlawful distribution, preparation, storage of religious material;
  • Producing, storing or disseminating materials promoting national, racial, ethnic or religious hatred;
  • Engaging in prostitution;
  • Participate in gambling and other risk-based games;
  • Production, distribution, promotion, demonstration of pornographic content, printed publications, video and sound recordings, film and photo materials and other products;
  • At night time at the student residence – from 22:00 to 06:00 – breaking the rest and relaxation of citizens, ie loud singing, playing music, using TVs, radios, magnetic tapes and other equipment.


  1. In the relationships of the students – the only team, the principles of mutual respect and attention, friendship, solidarity, honesty and justice.
  2. In students’ relationships, disrespect for human dignity, discrimination, acquisition of intellectual property, harshness, misuse of words, fraud, moral, material or physical harm to others are offered.