Student residence

About student residence


The Fergana branch of Tashkent Medical Academy has one student residence and is designed for undergraduate students. Students visiting from abroad will live in dormitories attached to them by their directions.

The premises of Fergana branch of the Tashkent Medical Academy are overhauled in 2016. In the student residence every summer (during holidays) current repairs are carried out. There is a library of student residence, where WI-FI zones are established.

The total capacity of the student residence is 300 students.


The residence consists of 3 floors. Each floor has a separate washroom (shower) and a toilet. Each floor is equipped with furniture. Each floor of the residence has 2 kitchens and ironing facilities, a laundry room, a restroom. In our spiritual-enlightenment rooms, our students are provided with eight types of newspaper magazines to be aware of events and events happening in our country and in the world. The residence is fully repaired.

Address: Ferghana city, Said Ahmad street 57. 

Head of Student Residence:

Niyazova Odina Qosimjonovna

Phone: 0 (373) 243-00-18