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Informational letter

Ferghana Branch of the Tashkent Medical Academy and the Republican Scientific Center for Emergency Medical Care, Ferghana Branch, May 27-28, 2019 in connection with the “Year of Active Investments and Social Development” on “Role of Innovations in Quality of Medical and Quality Improvement” scientific – practical conference.

The conference will be published as a collection of articles.

The main issues of the conference:

  1. Actual problems of medical-prophylactic sciences
  2. Actual problems of clinical practice
  3. Problems of biological and fundamental sciences
  4. Social-humanitarian problems
  5. Application of modern innovative and communicative technologies in education and medicine

Article requirements:

  1. Article size 1 page, printable, A4 format, Times New Roman 14
  2. in the range of 1 interval, 3 cm from the left, 1.5 cm from the right, 2 cm from top and bottom.
  3. The article should be typed in bold and bold letters, in the next line the surname and position of the author, then the place of work, and the article will be written at 1 catr.
  4. Articles will be accepted in English, Russian and English in the form of scientific, technical and stylistic editions. Unverified, spelling mistakes are not accepted and will not be returned to the authors.
  5. Articles must be submitted in one copy and electronically to the Organizing Committee by May 6, 2019. 15,000 soums per article will be paid for each article.

The lecture texts are sent to the following address: Ferghana city, New Turon street, 2a. Phone: 0 (373) 243-06-62; (93) 646-68-71; (91) 328-85-55. E-mail:

Account Number: 23402000300100001010

Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan

MFO 00014 STIR 201122919

Shk: 400110860304017950100054007

INN: 202600504

Payment purpose: For article