Attention of applicants!!!

Attention of applicants!!!

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AD !!!

To the attention of applicants who want to register for the 2020/2021 academic year in the direction of “Higher nurse” of the Ferghana branch of the Tashkent medical Academy!

Passport (in pdf format), color image 3.5 x 4.5 cm (jpg, png format), medical College diploma (in pdf format) – scanned electronic forms of no more than 2 MB in size, sent by telegram to the following operators After the operators enter your information in the database, you can register for higher nurse work at

  1. Komilov Nodirbek, tel.: +998 91 1151149,
  2. Ibragimov Mirzaanvar, tel.: +998 97 5555319,
  3. Rayimov Alisher, tel.: +998 99 4048459,
  4. Khaidarov Azizjon, tel.: +998 90 9276066,
  5. Muhammadsidikov Bobur, tel.: +99899 4047791.

Note: only graduates of medical colleges specializing in nursing, midwifery, and paramedic training can apply for higher medical care.

TTA admission Committee of the Ferghana branch